Hyundai Xcent transmission issue: My car is stuck in the 3rd gear

I’m also facing problems with the vehicle’s catalytic converter. The car is at the authorised service centre for the last 2 weeks.

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  • Two weeks later – the car is still at the Hyundai Service centre.
  • If that sounds bad, the car was unusable for 47 days from 18th April to 5th June 2020 too – with the crankshaft bolt failure issue. However, the duration was longer back then, also thanks to the lockdowns.
  • I visited the place yesterday, and thankfully, it is still inside the centre next to the diagnostics machines and not left out in the open. The car is still in good condition.
  • Transmission fluid was verified and found to be good.
  • It is not an isolated issue at this particular centre either. They have another Grand i10 that came in last week with the same complaint and is stuck waiting for the same diagnosis.
  • They claim to have received a Nios yesterday morning with the same symptoms, but are not very sure if it’s the same issue as the scans were yet to be done. I personally doubt it because the Nios comes with an AMT instead of the 4-speed TC.
  • With two cars off the road – the issue is escalated and is now waiting for a spare ECM to arrive from the parts centre in Kochi. Will be tested with this ECM before ensuring that is the part to be ordered.
  • If I’m not happy with ordering the expensive ECM post the diagnosis – they have given me the option to try it out my way afterwards – be it just testing out with just the new transmission fluid, or trying and repair the ECM.
  • CATCON issue is much simpler and nothing to be done than just ordering it. However, they are waiting on this diagnosis to order both parts together.
  • Once the diagnosis is done once the part is procured from Kochi, I can take the car back (with the issue unresolved of course) and return later once the spares arrive.

Quick search shows this has been a very common issue with the Hyundai 4-speed TC and unfortunately – most cases seem to have ended with expensive fixes (and other cases are in languages I can’t understand!). Yet another Hyundai issue that is commonly known globally – but isn’t resolved properly by the manufacturer!

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