Humble Mechanic Donates 05 Passat Wagon to Second Chances Garage

VWVortex tends to focus on the fun things that you can with a car, but there are an awful lot of important things that cars do for us. Shimaine Brandford, fo Frederick, Md. is one of those important people who will be doing something important with her new (to her) 2005 Passat wagon.

Brandford is a caregiver for the elderly and had been struggling to meet the demands of the job without a proper car for the job. Now, though, thanks to Second Chances Garage, she’ll be able to get her clients to their medical appointments, something that has been crucially important during the global pandemic, she told the Second Chances Garage.

The car itself is a fairly unremarkable 05 Passat, except for the fact that it was donated to Second Chances Garage by Charles Sanville, otherwise known as the Humble Mechanic.

“The Passat had been a staple in our family for years,” Sanville said. “We drove up and down the East Coast in it [and] brought our daughter home from the hospital in it.”

He had intended to do something with the car, but found that it was just gathering dust in his garage. So rather than hoard his supply of old cars, he decided to spread the love by giving the Passat to Second Chances Garage.

The Second Chances Garage is familiar with this kind of project. For this project, they teamed up with Sanville specifically to celebrate their tenth anniversary of refurbishing old cars and donating or selling them for steeply reduced prices to deserving customers.

The nonprofit has provided more than 1,000 cars to deserving drivers since 2010.

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