How to Lower your 1928-1931 Model A – Hot Rod

The direction we wanted to go with this build was to first rid the stock coupe of all the gee-gaw Model A stuff. That meant the bumpers, spare tire, Route 66 license plate, and other myriad items of wont had to go. Next up, a later set of wire wheels (1935 Ford) would be added to give the Model A a more modern update. Finally, an altitude adjustment would go a long way to turn our stocker into a Pre-War hot rod. In hot rod terms”altitude adjustment” through lowering the suspension.

To drop our coupe, we’ll be using a combination of parts from Magnum Axle Company and Posies, Inc. With the preference to not cut anything up, we’re only going to lower the car as much as bolt-on components will allow, without splitting the wishbones or raising the rear crossmember, for example. This will hopefully keep things easy and show our gow job as an accurate example of what one could expect with similar components on a similar car. While the look of our Model A will no doubt be improved, the roadworthiness should be enhanced as well since there’s no telling the shape of our front end or the state of our rear spring and perches. With the new parts installed, everything will be in an as-new shape, something these old cars can really appreciate.

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