How Tata’s good service convinced me to upgrade from Hexa to Safari

This is very different from Ford and Toyota, both cars I’ve owned where it’s very difficult to convince them to replace anything under warranty.

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I am an Ex-Innova owner who bought the Hexa XTA in 2018 and now the Safari automatic in 2022.

Yes, there were a lot of niggling issues initially in the Harrier and Safaris but most of the bigger issues seem to have been resolved.

Oh and unlike the Tata Sales team who don’t make a customer feel “special” enough like the Hyundai and Toyota sales staff (this never bothered me), I found the Tata Service centre to be exemplary! At least the one that I bought my cars from- Lexican Motors, Siliguri.

My Safari had harsh rattling noise coming from the gearbox within a month of purchasing it. Checked and found that the thread on the gearbox housing where one of the bolts that connect the Gearbox to the Chassis had slipped.

I was quite alarmed but managed to fix it with a longer bolt and later on applied an adhesive to fix it permanently and it was actually problem solved.

But the Service Manager at Lexican insisted on taking pictures of the gearbox housing fault and reporting it to Tata.

Within a few days, I got a call from some higher-ups in Tata motors, Eastern sector who assured me that they had greenlighted a new Gearbox for me.

This automatic gearbox came in a properly sealed crate and the price was ₹4,93,884. They called me the next week, once the gearbox arrived, installed the new box, fresh from the crate and sent me on my way. No drama, no fuss. I was delighted.

I had a very good experience with them in my previous vehicle – the Hexa also – that gave me the confidence to buy yet another Tata vehicle.

I guess, it’s important to find a good service centre and I just happened to get lucky.

This is very different from Ford and Toyota, both cars I’ve owned where it’s very difficult to convince them to replace anything under warranty. If anything goes wrong, they insist it’s the fault of the driver and not covered under warranty.

This trend is very similar in motorcycles too. Our Desi Royal Enfield has very good service and has no problems replacing parts under warranty ( I should know, I blew up a Classic 500’s brand-new engine on the ride home – 140kms from the showroom. I couldn’t resist racing with other bikes and promptly ended up reaching my town with white smoke billowing from my exhaust)

Totally my fault. And the service people promptly put in a completely new engine block, piston, rings- the works, no question asked.

Whereas the Kawasaki folks charged me extra for the most minor stuff like cloth for cleaning after wash etc.

I digress, but the point is, do not get disheartened by horror stories you may hear of a particular brand or the purchase experience not meeting your expectations.

If the vehicle overall is sturdy and basics like engine, gearbox etc are proven -like our Safari and Harrier twins, all you need is a good extended warranty and a good service station. You’re good after that.

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