GrabExpress courier service delivers goods and food

Another day, another day of staying put at home. How’s Day 7 of the Movement Control Order (MCO) going for you? With one more week to go, is working from home – while balancing the holidaying kids and meals – getting easier or harder for you?

MCO has forced upon a fair bit of lifestyle change for many of us. Malaysians love dining out, and this is no longer allowed. We also can’t just hop into the car for a joyride, or see family and friends from the other side of town. The freedom that we took for granted, is temporarily suspended.

But hang on in there, because MCO is vital to curb the spread of Covid-19, and whenever you feel restless and agitated (you’re not the only one), think of the sacrifices of our fellow Malaysians frontlining this battle – the doctors and nurses, the police and army, those manning the supermarkets, and our speedy delivery guys, among others. Staying at home is the least that we can do to help, really.

But what if a birthday is around the corner and there’s a gift to deliver, or elderly parents who are finding supplies hard to come by? Grab, the app that takes you around and brings you food, can help with that too. GrabExpress is the firm’s urban delivery service, and GrabExpress bikes will do what you cannot do yourself in the MCO.

The on-demand delivery service works pretty much like GrabFood – think of yourself as the restaurant and the recipient as the customer. Besides real-time tracking, every delivery is insured for up to RM500. One just needs to ensure that the box is sized 43cm x 43cm x 43cm maximum, and weighs no more than 10 kg, so don’t burden the rider with sacks of rice.

The base fare is RM3.60, and the first six km will be charged 60 sen per km. The next 6-10 km will be 70 sen per km, and the subsequent 10-20 km will cost you RM1 per km. After that, it’s RM2 per km. The minimum fare for GrabExpress is RM5. There’s a surcharge between 11am to 2pm and 6pm to 9pm – it will be between RM3 to RM5, depending on supply and demand conditions.

“As you adhere to the advice of social distancing by the government, GrabExpress is making sure that you are still able to care for your loved ones from afar. Home-cooked meals, sanitisers, and other essential items, can be delivered via contactless delivery with GrabExpress,” the company’s direct mail says.

Remember, stay at home and don’t drive out if you don’t need to, and keep the travel distances short for all essential shopping of groceries and food. Also, remember the one person per car rule. If things need to be delivered, get the couriers to do it.

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