GMA T.50 laps Le Mans (on a dyno)

Enough with electric cars already – time to hear that Cosworth V12 sing

By Matt Bird / Wednesday, March 31, 2021 / Loading comments

The last video we saw of Gordon Murray’s T.50, inching along using no more than 3,500rpm, was something close to torture. Like smelling a cooked breakfast without being able to taste it, the brief taste of the prototype left us all incredibly eager… then perhaps a tad unfulfilled. When promised the greatest V12 of all time – one that will rev to 12,000rpm, don’t forget – hearing just over 3,000 revs is anticlimactic, like little more than idle. Probably because it is.

This is much more like it. Yes, it’s a dyno run rather than a running car, but for a proper hit of what that V12 will offer then it’s just the ticket. The video is a simulation of the T.50 running full tilt at Le Mans, which is probably all you need to know. There’s some additional input from Murray, understandably fawning over his creation once more like it’s his first born child, but what’s really worth hearing is from 1:20 onwards. Skip there right now, if you want.

Yes, the exact noise isn’t quite right on a dyno, watching a blob move on the map is odd and it doesn’t actually even reach the end of the Mulsanne – but what a sound. What begins with sharp V6 overtones just gets wilder and wilder, growing in pitch and volume – almost akin to a V10 at points – before wailing to its almighty crescendo somewhere around 12,000rpm. It would be a fabulous thing to listen to at any time, but with electrification so dominant the purity and energy of a V12 like this one is all the more exhilarating. It’s absolutely sublime, to be frank. Let’s hope the entire car can be let loose with a few more than 3,500rpm soon – the experience promises to be breathtaking.

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