Gerik-Jeli lorry fatality – transport ministry revokes company's license; prior public safety offences found –

In a statement regarding the fatal crash involving a lorry and two passenger cars, which claimed the life of an unborn child, the Malaysian transport ministry said that transportation firm Mun Fei Enterprise has had its operator’s license revoked.

The revocation of the company’s license was following an investigation by the land public transport agency (APAD) in conjunction with the road transport department (JPJ), and the decision was made in line with Section 57 (1)(b)(x) and Section 58 (1)(b) of the Road Transport Act 2010 (Act 715).

The APAD licensing suspension and revocation committee found that the operator had failed the inspection and safety audit (JISA audit), and had a prior record of offences with the JPJ which involved public safety. Therefore, the agency’s licensing suspension and revocation committee decided to revoke the company’s license effective immediately, the transport ministry said in its statement.

On October 29, the lorry spilled its unsecured load into the path of oncoming vehicles, which collided with the items spilled, causing the camera vehicle to overturn. It then emerged that a pregnant woman was injured, to the extent of the loss of her unborn child.

Footage of the incident from the camera vehicle was shared by transport minister Anthony Loke on his Facebook page earlier this month, who expressed his condolences and said that the JPJ and APAD have been ordered to take immediate action on the driver and the company. Prior to Loke’s statement, APAD issued a show-cause letter to the company.

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