GehoCab Creates First Chassis-Mount Camper For the New Land Rover Defender

German vehicular camping specialists GehoCab has just unveiled a chassis-mount camper for the New Land Rover Defender.

The complete set up will add an additional 1,000 pounds and sits at 13 feet in length with the majority of the camper placed at the roof of the SUV. Made from a carbon fiber shell, the two-person camper features a bed, a table, storage space, kitchenette, outdoor shower, 90-liters of freshwater storage, a 100 Ah LiFePO4 battery and 100 WP solar panels, a 29-liter compressor cooler, gas cooker, and seating space. While we are currently only shown renders of the camper, orders can be placed over at GehoCab’s website with the final price starting at $124,000 USD.

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