From Rendering to Reality: Widebody Digital Golf Will be Built

Facebook is awash in great renderings of improved and modified cars that would, if money were no object, be amazing in real life. Sadly, money is an object and reality rarely has patience for the fantasies of renderings.

But sometimes reality forgets to be a bummer, as is the case with this wild Mk2 designed by Khyzyl Saleem.

The design was first posted a few months ago and now will be built JP Performance GmbH. If the name is at all familiar to you, it may be because of the shop’s YouTube page and its predilection for VAG cars.

According to a Facebook post from Saleem, JP Performance got in touch after seeing and being impressed by the design.

“I honestly couldn’t think of anyone more suiting to do it given how crazy his previous builds are,” wrote Saleem on Facebook. “Keep an eye out for updates as things progress, it’s gonna be rear-engined insanity.”

We look forward to finding out more.

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