Found multiple issues with my Tata Harrier while doing the PDI

I was certainly disappointed but not surprised. Apparently, many owners have faced the same problems.

BHPian bil.007 recently shared this with other enthusiasts.

My Harrier has arrived in the stockyard and I’ve done the PDI. Not to my surprise, found 2 issues.

Window line on the top corners of doors doesn’t seem to be assembled perfectly, excess rubber and bad pasting are clearly visible on all sides.

The bonnet seems to be wrongly aligned, jutted more towards the right fender of the car rather than having equal gaps on both sides.

Was certainly disappointed but was not surprised as to my research, the majority of Tata owners have faced the same problem.

Why can’t Tata just fix these niggles once and for all?

Also, the Check Engine Light was on. Upon asking, the guys at the dealership told me they haven’t done their PDI yet. They will connect it to their computer and solve the issue before delivery. I did tell them that this is quite uncommon to happen in a brand new car. They said that it happens most of the time due to various reasons and were quite chill about it. Hope the issue is nothing.

Have informed the sales consultant to fix the matter. They will get these issues sorted by next week hopefully. Following this, I will take the delivery.

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