Ford Teases Mint Green, U.S. Forest Service–Ish Bronco Concept SUV

Just weeks after debuting the Bronco Overlanding Concept, Ford is gearing up to introduce another delectable concept vehicle. On social media, Ford released multiple teasers of a concept Bronco wearing a familiar-seeming mint green paint job.

In one post, Ford hints at a potential collaboration with outdoor clothing company Filson. “This year, we plan to honor the Bronco legacy and create a new concept vehicle for 2021,” the FordBronco account posted on Instagram. “And when you’re doing that, might as well have the best.” Those last six words just happen to be Filson’s slogan.

This partnership seems even more likely when you look at another teaser that shows the concept Bronco’s twill interior, which looks very Filson. Oh, and several months ago, Filson wrote an article about the Bronco’s history as a U.S. Forest Service vehicle. Filson has its own connection to the Forest Service, as it had been contracted to make official uniforms for personnel in the past. Could all of this hint at what to expect for the new concept? That it’s potentially a Forest Service-themed or tribute ride?

Incidentally, FordBronco has been posting quite a bit about its commitment to wilderness preservation. The Bronco Wild Fund has partnered with the National Forest Foundation to help plant 50 million trees.

The Filson connection was originally spotted by an eagle-eyed user on the forum The user said the concept might just be a camouflaged vehicle spotted at the Bronco Super Celebration East.

Based on some of Ford’s teasers, it’s pretty clear that the concept is some sort of patrol or rescue vehicle. Beyond that, we don’t know for sure what Ford has up its sleeve. It looks like we’ll learn more tomorrow.

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