Ford leaves India & hence, I sold my Ford Endeavour

I sincerely wish Ford keeps its promise and continues to offer support to its Indian customers.

BHPian cool_dube recently shared this with other enthusiasts.

Dear all, at the outset, let me express my heartfelt gratitude and appreciation for your valuable inputs and genuine wishes. It gestures like these that make our Team-BHP forum what it is today.

While I completely understand and respect the rationale behind your strong recommendations to not sell the Endeavour, I had made up my mind to go ahead with the separation. It has been one of the hardest decisions of my life yet, as the Endeavour was my dream SUV for quite a few years. I would have been okay with the model being discontinued but the manufacturer shutting shop in the country was a tad too much for me to live with. I am aware that I’ve taken this decision on a hunch and for all I know, Ford service levels might prove to be high quality in the years to come. However, I did not want to take a chance with such an expensive vehicle, especially since my usage was long hauls with family and not city runs.

Finally, my Endeavour heads to its new home today. I am very happy that it has been handed over to a wonderful gentleman who is also a TBHP member. From my short acquaintance with him, I can say for sure that he will love the car more than I did. Here is wishing him lakhs of happy and safe kilometres on the Endeavour. Also, my best wishes to all Ford owners out there – I sincerely hope that Ford keeps its promise and continues to provide great levels of support to its customers for many more years to come!

It all started a month ago when Ford India announced its exit and BHPian cool_dube posted this:

It is with a heavy heart that I have decided to let go of my Endeavour! Needless to say, it has not been an easy decision to make, with many sleepless nights behind it. With Ford shutting shop, I am not very comfortable with the uncertainty around the quality of after-sales service and availability of parts down the line. The SUV is as good as new (7 months / 3,500 km) and a great buy for someone who is willing to spare time and effort towards procuring spares and dealing with FNGs (if need be), for which I neither have the time nor the temperament anymore.

While cool_dube eventually chose to sell his SUV, several BHPians did make a strong case for holding on to it:

Here’s what BHPian lalittalwar had to say on the matter:

If I may give my 2 cents, I’d ask you to wait a couple of months for the dust to settle. the market has already discounted the news of Ford shutting their factories and it will reflect in the resale price. from here on, it will not make much of a difference in the resale price, unless there is further bad news!! which can only be that Ford is shuttering its service network as well, which isn’t legally possible.

So, in other terms, the worst news is already there and the recency of this news makes sure that the resale price would be at the lowest since there is a panic selling going on. the price should only recover from here on, even though there may just be a slight upward movement or it may stay the same.

Plus, with you being in Bangalore, there will be service centres working there for some years to come, as Ford has sold a lot of cars, and Service is a lucrative business.

So, all in all, in my assessment, the downside is very little in keeping the car with you for now. Who knows there may be some positive developments in the near future (fingers crossed).

I am also a recent buyer. My car is less than 3 months old and with 3500 km on the odo.

Here’s what BHPian Reinhard had to say on the matter:

I don’t think this is the best decision (if already made). Unless the car is actually giving you any mechanical issues already OR it’s not fulfilling most of your regular needs – you shouldn’t sell it. Since your post already makes it look like a distress sale – and since Ford has called it quits – people are going to lowball a lot. It will end up frustrating you even more perhaps. It’s known to be a mechanically pretty sound car. And maintaining one for another few years won’t be a big issue I think. The depreciation you’ll take mostly if sold right now – will not be justifiable IMO. Anyway, that’s just my thoughts given I like this car a lot perhaps. You must have your own reasons – and for someone busy with other responsibilities, running around for car spares, sure can be a hassle.

Here’s what BHPian Turbanator had to say on the matter:

I don’t think this will be a wise decision at all. There are people who buy Ferrari’s, Lambo and what not and these sell about 10-20 in the whole of the year. And if you go to their Authorised workshops, you will hardly find any spares apart from consumables. Am sure you must have read about the story of a member who shipped Endeavour all the way to the UK.

On the contrary, think in terms that you have got a special vehicle, we just got lucky to get as CKD and cheaper than Fortuner Now you have something which can be replaced only by a CBU Everest and if that comes back, it’s not going to cost the same as CKD.

Ford Service centre will continue for many years, that’s for sure. Ford will continue to give them spares and access to software updates. Warranty, an outside chance of not getting honoured and definitely wrong to expect goodwill repairs. Set aside 5 lac on the side for any eventuality and you should be good for at least 3 years.

If you sell now, as others have pointed, you will lose a lot on depreciation and whatever you pick in this segment is going to get depreciated too. Unless you are moving to another higher segment like an X3 or X5, I will not advise you or anyone else going this route.

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