Folsom’s Red Bus Brewery Making Deliveries and Avoiding Microbes in Eponymous VW Microbus

Red Bus Brewery in Folsom, California, is making deliveries in the vehicle that lent the brewery its name. The red bus in question in a bay window Volkswagen that will be making deliveries while customers socially distance themselves.

According to the brewery’s website, deliveries are free on all orders over $27 (in specific surrounding areas).

Red Bus Brewery has been around since 2018 and couldn’t have come sooner. It is Folsom’s first brewery since the 1880s and brews European-style lagers and ales.

If you don’t want to wait for a delivery, you can order your beer for pickup at the taproom, too, but don’t expect a seat and a glass.

We can hardly think of a job more fitting for a German vehicle than to be delivering good beer to people in need.

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