First new BAC Mono delivered

California calling for the first of the new BAC breed

By Matt Bird / Monday, 18 September 2023 / Loading comments

Such is the pace of the world that Monterey Car Week already feels like yonks ago, yet the crystal clear skies of California played host to a wealth of awesome automotive debuts just a month ago. Which makes the delivery of the first new BAC Mono all the more impressive, given it was shown to the world only a few weeks ago.

Appropriately enough, this one is destined for a life in California – what better than a BAC for the canyons and Laguna Seca? – having been handed over at the new BAC base at Newport Beach. As with every example of this new breed, the Mono gets 320hp from a 2.5-litre four-cylinder, revs to 8,000rpm and weighs just 570kg.

There surely won’t be any others of the latest generation that look quite like this one, though. The owner is said to be a dedicated racing fan, and wanted the car to pay homage to his passion. It’s said that the aim of the spec was for a ‘BAC single seater that identifies and connects with the apex of the motorsport world, paying homage to its rich past while maintaining a design that gazes into the future’. So a design that’s reminiscent of the Mercedes-AMG Petronas F1 team probably is intentional. Looks cool, too, though such is the drama of the Mono’s look that it’s hard to imagine how one would be specced badly.

Specifically, this car is Metallic Liquid Silver, with contrast accents in Aegean Sea. The fade to black at the rear of the was masked by hand, and the rear logo is in Robot White. ‘The contrasting highlights gracefully interplay on such elements as the wing mirrors, diffuser edges and front floor lip, with the carbon barrels on BAC’s industry-leading carbon hybrid wheels being finished in bright Aegean Sea paintwork’, reads the press release.

The one-of-a-kind approach that BAC employs extends as far in this car as a bespoke helmet design, made to measure steering wheel and a seat tailoring at HQ in Liverpool. It’s a proper made-to-measure sports car, so best be really sure of colourways – and don’t put on any weight – once a spec is submitted…

“There are many pillars that help make the BAC brand unique, delivering an ownership experience of the Mono supercar that is personal, revered and unlike anything else. The BAC pillars that tend to gain instant recognition include our uncompromising approach to delivering a driving experience that is pure, authentic, and unashamedly focused on the actions, reactions and desires of the person behind the wheel,” said Ian Briggs, co-founder and head of design, BAC. 

“But perhaps a lesser known – yet equally important pillar – is what we offer each customer at the start of their Mono journey: the opportunity to create a supercar that is unique, a bespoke personal extension of the owner that forms a connection between art and machine. This – the first customer delivery of the new Mono supercar – perfectly demonstrates that there are no creative constraints nor technical limitations when it comes to our ‘one-of-a-kind’ philosophy.” All jolly marvellous, but those willing to skip the customising queue – and be happier with an older Mono – might be intrigued by the PH classifieds, with five of them for sale. Not only is there this lovely blue example, boasting more than £50k of options, but there’s also a Mono R, beautifully presented in Blu Hera with Imola Bronze. With only delivery mileage recorded, it’s for sale at £289,995.

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