First hardtop Morgan Plus Four for sale

Time moves at a more leisurely pace in Malvern, but good things come to those who wait… 

By Matt Bird / Wednesday, 27 July 2022 / Loading comments

We like the current Plus Four at PH. In combining an old school look and traditional feel with more modern underpinnings, it’s hard to think of a much better start point to four-wheeled Morgan sports cars. It’s lighter and nimbler than the Plus Six, yet still plenty fast enough thanks to a 260hp BMW engine – and if not as attention grabbing as a Super 3 then sure to engender plenty of affection from passers-by. It’s exactly how you might imagine the archetypal British sports car to be, albeit one that requires fewer excuses than ever. As might be expected for more than £60,000… 

Furthermore, as if the new era of Morgan wasn’t immediately impressive enough, the company has now taken to regular updates and refreshes to address those minor issues that previously owners would have been stuck with for years. In 2021 Morgan introduced a new seat to both Plus Four and Plus Six, as well as lockable storage, USB ports and an insulated roof. Why? Because, from Super 3 to CX-T, Morgan owners seemingly can’t get enough of actually driving their car. So being sat a little more comfortably, experiencing additional refinement on long journeys and being able to charge phones along the way are all be welcome concessions for intrepid owners.  

Which brings us to this Plus Four, because – drum roll please – this is the first Morgan Plus Four ever made with a hardtop roof. Now the keen among you will note that the hardtop was announced for this generation with the smart LM62 limited edition, but the option has now been made available for the rest of the range – and this Ice Blue car made it out of the Pickersleigh Road gates first.  

For most sports cars, a hard top is an option many will tick without thinking much of it. In fact, given how good soft tops now are, you might say a hard top is less necessary than ever. But for a car that remains as exposed as the Plus Four, it promises to make long journeys a good deal more bearable, encouraging that spirit of adventure that’s inextricably linked with the brand. Europe might not sound so appealing right now, but this Morgan looks ideally suited to a big UK road trip. 

Aside from the hardtop, plenty about the spec of this Plus Four appeals. The light blue outside is paired with Pebble British Blue leather inside (and a blue mohair hood is there for days the hardtop isn’t needed), the wire wheels look great (as do the spotlights) and a sports exhaust sounds like the perfect accompaniment for those days when no top at all is needed. 

Sold? It’s easy to imagine plenty of interest in a Plus Four like this, especially with that hardtop. We don’t tend to feature new cars from the classifieds but this looked too good to ignore. Won’t come cheap, however – Morgan itself is selling it, priced at £88,995. Which is quite a walk from the £67,570 an automatic Plus Four retails at, even allowing for the options spend here. On the other hand, you’ll be waiting many months for your own Plus Four like this – and that’s not going to be the first hardtopped Plus Four ever.   

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