First 1000 km with my 2022 Maruti XL6 AT: Ownership experience so far

The acceleration timings are slow, but overtaking on highways was still manageable for me.

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I logged in on Team-bhp to post about my first 1000 km with my 2022 XL6 Alpha AT. I completely agree with all the pointers, and I can’t emphasize enough the ride quality and the term used ‘sedate driving’, which is the perfect word for it.

On one hand, I do agree that this car is not for enthusiastic driving but on the other, I feel it can take on the highway driving at 140+ km/h cruising with relative ease. It does not jerk or vibrate, be it 10, 100, or even 150, the XL6 did not once feel uncomfortable on the drive. The acceleration timings are slow, but overtaking on highways was still manageable for me.

Just wanted to share an experience which I had recently. There was heavy rain in Bangalore last week, which did see some flooding, and my XL6 like any other Maruti cruised passed deeper waters as well. The max water level my car has seen is about 1-1.5 feet, which is the 3/4th of the wheels. The higher ground clearance does help. But this is not the part I wanted to talk about, it happened on the trip from Bangalore to Mysore.

I, like an idiot, drove off a muddy farm, thinking it must be a shortcut (thanks to Google Maps), and got my XL6 (which was barely 800 km on the odometer) stuck. Prior to getting stuck, it did manage at least 1 km in the muddy patch. I could feel the car losing its grip, and tried my best to stick to the existing tire prints on the road, but nevertheless, this ain’t an offroader. Got my alloys scratched by sharp stones too.

Anyway, the locals helped. It took 6 men and 15 seconds of lifting/pushing, the car was on the road again. Got the car washed thoroughly after. I think idiocracies like these are what get you connected to the car. This wasn’t my first time getting a car stuck in the mud. But each time is a different experience. It goes without saying that do not attempt to drive XL6 in the mud.

On a lighter note, the XL6 can pull off Brown Allows too.

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