F1 Team Boss Not Confident That Formula 1 Will Be Returning Anytime Soon

Despite hearing the rumors that Silverstone and Austria may be putting in place plans to kick off the Formula 1 racing season with doubleheaders possibly as soon as July, AlphaTauri F1 team principal Franz Tost is not all that optimistic it will happen.

On the other hand, Red Bull official Helmut Marko said the chances are “very good” that the Austrian authorities will greenlight the plan for races at the Red Bull Ring in July.

And then there’s Silverstone circuit promoter Stuart Pringle. He wants his track to be among the very first races in the summer, but admits the decision will ultimately be the U.K. government’s and not that of F1 owner Liberty Media.

“We need to go back to the government in the next 10 days and give them the detail of what the plan looks like,” Pringle said.

Amid a global COVID-19 shutdown, AlphaTauri boss Tost is not so sure any of F1’s plans will work out.

“Logistically, Formula 1 is a large and difficult ship to steer,” Tost told European media outlet Speed Week.”We currently have more questions than answers because so much is uncertain. Firstly, we do not know what individual governments will decide.

“We can outline what a return to sport looks like roughly, but we simply don’t know whether it can all be done in the end.”

Marko acknowledged that F1 will need to do coronavirus testing at the first races, but Tost warned: “You have to be careful with these tests because there are now a lot of different ones. The whole situation is extremely complicated because we are dependent on government decisions and because so many individual factors all play a role.

“Of course the FIA and FOM (Formula 1 Management) would like to get started as soon as possible, but you have to know that these are only the desired scenarios.

“Perhaps we will be lucky with Austria in that the situation has developed in such a way that the government allows more freedom. The opposite could happen to us in England. We just don’t know.”

Austria, which had been locked down for a month, began reopening businesses on April 14.

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