Enhanced Touch ‘n Go Card – new RM10 card with NFC chip being scalped online by resellers for RM19 – paultan.org

The new Touch ‘n Go card with NFC (near field communication) technology will soon be launched, finally allowing users the ability to reload their physical cards directly from the Touch ‘n Go eWallet app.

It’s set to be sold at RM10 each, but online resellers were seen selling them for as high as RM19 each, a full 90% markup. The listing appears to have been taken down, but that may be because the cards were sold out. There have been reports that the card is officially on sale at TnG’s outlet in Nu Sentral, but as of yesterday 6pm, it has been sold out.

paultan.org staffers were then directed to purchase the card directly from LRT stations, where we were initially informed that the new cards are in short supply, and that we should return at 6 am. This morning however, we were told that the LRT station only carries the old cards instead, despite being informed otherwise by two different officers yesterday.

Anyway, as seen in the photo above, the new card features a pearlescent finish and has an NFC icon at the upper right-hand-side corner. As with the RFID tag, the new NFC card can be purchased directly from the eWallet mobile app (after it’s officially launched), though the RM10 price tag excludes shipping fees.

Once you get your hands on the card, all you have to do is link it to the eWallet, after which you get to check its balance and make instant reloads. For the latter, the new Enhanced card must be held to the back on an NFC-compatible smartphone for five seconds. This is said to work on both iOS and Android devices. However, this new function is not available as of yet, pending the official launch and an app update.

Presently, the only link between the existing Touch ‘n Go card and the eWallet app is the PayDirect function, where toll charges are first deducted from the eWallet instead of the physical card. When the eWallet balance has been depleted, only then will the toll charges be deducted from the card. This, however, can be prevented by enabling the auto-reload feature on the eWallet.

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