DCT on my Creta fails yet again, just a year after Hyundai repaired it

I am not entirely convinced that I can drive this car with ‘peace of mind’ ever again, but what choice do I have.

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My Creta’s DCT failed again after 1 year.

I was driving down back from Neemrana to Delhi, I stopped at a Dhaba for a bio-break. When I restarted I noticed that the car is sluggish to upshift, then the dreaded malfunction message appeared on the touchscreen and the engine light lit up.

The car was picked up by Lamba HASS today, and by evening they said the issue was due to a coupler connection. They claim to have resolved the issue, after a couple of test drives. I am not entirely convinced that I can drive this car with ‘peace of mind’ ever again, but what choice do I have.

We DCT owners are the smallest of the Hyundai Creta 2020 buyer group, and HMIL is a giant which can get away with selling cars that are destined to break down.

It’s Skoda/Volkswage all over again! I hope Team-BHP mods can start putting DCT disclaimers on the Official reviews from henceforth.

Anyway, let me also jot down a 30K long-term review while I am at it. The latest 30K service cost is as follows:

Service cost:

  • Engine oil and oil filter 2500
  • Air filter 400
  • Paid service 2500
  • Wheel alignment 850
  • Wheel balancing 800+weight
  • Evaporator cleaning 1900
  • Cowltop cleaning 800
  • Caliper greasing 700
  • Injector cleaning 850
  • Lubrication 400
  • Ac disinfectant 600
  • Crossmember Lubrication 1000

Total 13150+GST

Being a BHPian, I have asked them to omit wheel alignment and balancing, but it should give you an idea of the costs involved.


  • In City (Delhi NCR) – 10 KMPL at best if driven sensibly; 7-8 with if driven hard or through dense traffic.
  • On Highways – 15-17 KMPL depending on the quality of the highway.

Driving experience:

The 1.4 T-GDI DCT is fun to push around. While there is a bit of lag when you floor the accelerator, it is compensated in the Sports mode and can be negated by using paddle shifters. You will see mileage drop to 5-6 KMPL when you do push the engine though. The handling isn’t bad for a car of this segment, and the ride quality is also quite good.

Long-term usability issues:

  • Annoying ‘auto-off’ feature of the air purifier which turns off the unit after the cabin AQI drops below a threshold but doesn’t auto-turn on when the AQI goes up. The unit also disables the screen lock after power off, so your elbow will keep triggering the screen as you rest your hand on the handrest, till you manually lock the screen in the touchscreen.
  • The grey paint in the steering garnish has come off where my hand rubs against it the most. The paddle shifters have also started showing some nail scratches.
  • My battery had conked off around 25K, till the RSA came and revived it. Was advised to disconnect by the dashcam when powering off the car. Since then the battery has been fine.
  • Blue-link is mostly useless, as the remote commands often fail due to network availability and even in the best-case scenario take a good 10 seconds. The voice assistant is really bad, and I just use Siri or Google Assistant.
  • I bought an all-black car which has been a pain to maintain, despite ceramic coating and expensive car wash bills. Black cars are just not made for the dusty and hot Indian environment. The all-black interiors hide grime but also easily show a layer of dust.

Features I miss:

  • Memory seats and lumbar support – Despite electronic controls it is a pain readjusting the seats after lending the car to family and valets. I also miss lumbar support.
  • 360-degree camera – Haven’t gone the aftermarket route due to the aforementioned battery issues
  • Storage spaces – The cupholders are placed inconveniently between the handrest and the gear lever. I have placed a small bin and hand sanitiser in them which keep rubbing against my wrist whenever I change gears. Turned off wireless charging so I can use the space for keeping the phone, and small objects. Wish the car had some spaces on the front dash for knick-knacks.

Some other points to be noted:

  • The panoramic sunroof is only worthwhile if your rear seat is going to be occupied. From the front seats, the extra sunroof length doesn’t make much of a difference.
  • I got the maximum extended warranty available given the failure rate of the DCTs, and to maintain some resale value.
  • The TPMS sensor lights up sometimes even when the pressure is within prescribed limits. Topping it to the max prescribed limit and then releasing some air does the trick.

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