Customers share how Zac Hollis helped change their perception of Skoda

I got the opportunity to meet him in Goa during the Drive With Slavia event held by Skoda for select Skoda customers.

BHPian sachin_cs recently shared this with other enthusiasts.

I feel really lucky to have met the guy who literally transformed the way people look at Skoda now. The image transformation goes to him and his team. His eagerness and accessibility is what motivated me to take the plunge and buy a skoda and I have never been happier than this with my decision. The credit goes to this man.

I got the opportunity to meet him in Goa during the Drive With Slavia event held by Skoda for select Skoda customers. One thing, I learned from him was his social skills. He was such a down to earth guy and also a very good host. We were around 25 folks and he made everyone of us feel at home and though we were meeting him for the first time, he made us feel as if we have known him from ages. You will be missed Zac. Wishing you all the best for your future endeavours.

Throwback to the good times

When he speaks you immediately know he is a proper car guy

Here’s what BHPian @Debanshu_B had to say on the matter:

Zac Hollis was a crusader in true sense for the brand Skoda. The amount of confidence he had put up on the Skoda 2.0 India project is commendable. Kushaq remains his baby and the success has been credited to him when Kushaq’s credibility took a shaky start with the EPC and other problems. The way he defended, assured and handled the problems and addressed consumer issues through social media was commendable. His confidence to bring back Skoda as the Brand Director to the race of Sedans through Slavia laid a roadmap of comeback of Sedans in the market.

Here’s what BHPian DR Manabendra S had to say on the matter:

I am about to buy the Skoda Slavia, in a few days. Though it is ridiculous to buy a car just hoping that the company’s top level will look in the issues, he did give a sense of confidence. That if I have troubles with the service centre, this guy, I mean Zac Hollis would help to sort it out . Hope that his replacement will also be similiarly active on the social media. Wishing Zac all the best in his future endeavours.

Here’s what BHPian SinghBHP had to say on the matter:

If he was as good and passionate about Skoda and its customers as being praised in all the above posts then I believe he must have created a system in place which will ensure that the good work continues even when he leaves. That is what the all the Good leaders to — They fix systemic issues and create processes to ensure improvements work irrespective of any human leaving or staying in the company.

And if Skoda India degrades in cust service then he did not do all he was supposed to do.

Here’s what BHPian varun.petro had to say on the matter:

No doubt Zac is awesome. He led to increase in Skoda network across the country.

However, he also allowed cars to be launched with nearly zero testing. Widespread issues present in every car, yet Skoda didn’t correct them before launching.

Under his direction QA/ QC was ignored. He responds to users but that doesn’t translate into action. He is responsible for multiple SC visits by lakhs of owners.

I for one am happy he is moving on. One doesn’t need to be active on social media to be a good administrator but do his/ her job with dedication.

Here’s what BHPian UncleSam had to say on the matter:

All the Skoda owners will miss him dearly. Hope Peter Solc maintains the same rapport with the end users so that confidence in the brand remains as it is currently.

With the Slavia sales picking up and the kushaq doing good numbers as well, the new Director of Sales & Marketing has his work cut out and if he can ensure the same level of transparency and honesty to his customers, well, all the merrier for everyone around.

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