Completed 1000 km in my 2022 Maruti XL6: Impression & experience so far

This MPV is meant for sedate driving. If you’re an enthusiastic driver, go for the Kia Carens.

BHPian achintatri recently shared this with other enthusiasts.

My impression and experience till now

  • Ride Quality: You will love the ride quality, especially on highways. Have done three highway trips till now and the car just cruises effortlessly. A word of caution though, do not ride at high speeds on bumpy/undulated/full of bumps roads otherwise you will feel that the car is never going to settle. I had a chance to visit the Bhigwan wildlife sanctuary yesterday (Attaching my best shot for reference here) and drove in the grasslands for a safari experience. The car with full load and speed of less than 10 kmph performed very well. I did not drive above that speed during the safari to enjoy the sightings.

  • Engine Gear Combo: Gets the work done, much better than any CVT or AMT combination available in the market as of now. No jerks, no confusion. Slot into ‘D’ mode and ride all day long. However, in case you feel like you can drive the car as an enthusiast with a sudden change of lanes and speeds, then this car is not for you. It is intended for ‘sedate’ driving only. This does not in any way means that you can’t overtake but overtaking vehicles with speeds up to 60 kms would be done with ease. For anything above that, you will have to plan in advance and the engine gearbox combo will help accordingly.
  • NVH Levels: No complaints in this department.
  • Space: No complaints in this department as well, oodles of space even for ALL adult occupants.
  • Air Conditioning: Cools faster if the car is parked in shade. Minimum setting used till now in Pune’s hot (but pleasant) weather which has been between 24-27. However, if the car is parked in the scorching sun even for 15 mins, it will take 5 mins to cool even at the lowest temperature setting so be cautioned.
  • Android Auto: No issues so far except the Suzuki lady who gets offended sometimes and suddenly and at random times reminds us that she also exists and we need to give her attention as well.
  • Fuel Efficiency: It should increase with the first service now as suggested by my SA. In my first 1000 kms, I would say I have got anything between 8 and 20 kmpl depending upon city and highway driving conditions.
  • Cruise Control: Works effortlessly and is pure bliss on highways.
  • Horn: I hardly use the horn but I feel that it takes quite some effort to press it to speak.
  • Compared to other automatics: If you are an enthusiast driver and drive your MPV (even with full load) at high speed and with a high number of frequent manoeuvres and don’t mind taking those overtaking risks then better go for 1.5 DCT Carens instead of XL6 AT because XL6 AT is made for sedate driving style. Although I would say that driving style and the corresponding performance is the ONLY differentiator between XL6 AT and Carens DCT, even if we take the DCT issues at the face value, with 5 years of warranty package, that chance can be taken for those who are risk-takers and have an alternative vehicle ready in case of emergencies.

Happy Cruising!

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