Clean Oil Spills in Your Garage with These 9 Products

We know why you’re here; it’s happened to the best of us. Maybe your hand got a little shaky pouring the new oil, or that old oil sloshed around in the drain pan too much when you pulled it out from under the car. Even if it’s a bigger spill, no worries—we got you covered.

Oil spills can be tricky. You can’t just squeegee them out into your front yard—that’s a ticket for a visit from some angry environmental officials. (You don’t want that stuff trickling down into the ground water.) Plus, your grass won’t like it. Luckily, there are a variety of methods to cleaning these messy spills that are both responsible and effective. Here are nine top-rated products to tidy up oil spills that’ll make your garage floor nice and clean (or clean-ish) once again.

Disclaimer: Dispose of any oil-soaked product immediately to prevent a fire hazard and remember to double-check your state’s oil disposal guidelines.

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This stuff is the most versatile automotive cleaner you can get. Use Brakleen to spray off any stray oil on your car that didn’t drip down to the floor. Once the oil is cleaned off, the spray evaporates almost instantly. Avoid spraying on rubber or painted components.

These handy Pig Mats are perfect for minor spills. Think of a paper towel on steroids—these things are super absorbent. Just lay one on the spill, watch a YouTube video on mechanic fails to feel better about yourself, and boom: oil absorbed.

Disclaimer: Some states require all loose oil to be wrung out of pads before disposal. Check local guidelines for proper disposal procedures.

This is what you need for those big spills. Like kitty litter, Oil-Dri absorbs moisture. Pour some on the mess and let it sit for a day or two for best results. You’ll want to periodically stir the stuff on the spill to get maximum absorption. Also, make sure to wear a mask when using this, as the dust can be harmful to inhale. 

Now, what do you do with that big pile of Oil-Dri on the floor? Sweep it up with this commercial-grade dustpan and broom set. The long handle prevents you from getting too close to the harmful dust, and it folds shut for easy storage. Again, wear a mask when sweeping up Oil-Dri. 

Okay, you’ve got oily mats and dusty Oil-Dri—now what? Don’t just throw them in the trash can; dispose properly in these heavy-duty bags. At 1.5 mil (0.0015-inch) thick, the risk of tears are minimal. Safely dispose of the bag immediately. 

Disclaimer: Some states require all loose oil to be wrung out of pads before disposal. Check local guidelines for proper disposal procedures.

Now that all the loose oil is tidied up, you might be stuck with a stain on the floor. Dish soap is a great first option to try, and we like Dawn’s effectiveness. Pour some on the stain with a splash of hot water, then scrub with a strong-bristle brush.

If the stain is something even Dawn can’t tackle, use this professional grade oil cleaner. The nontoxic degreaser lifts the oil particles right out of the concrete. Dilute with water to adjust the strength. 

To get the most efficient action from your cleaner of choice, a heavy duty scrub brush is necessary. The tough bristles will help lift the oil from the floor. This brush doesn’t come with a handle, but we find that scrubbing with just the wood block is much more effective. Put your back into it!

If you want to go the extra mile after the spill is cleaned up, use this garage-grade sponge mop. It comes with a built-in brush, squeegee, and two extra sponges. Your garage will be sparkly clean in no time. 

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