Check engine light in my 5 day old Triber: Renault’s lukewarm response

On the 5th evening of the car’s ownership, the check engine light and ECG symbol came on in the instrument cluster.

BHPian Hashtag recently shared this with other enthusiasts.

Alas. The great joy of buying a car suddenly dampened on the 5th evening of the car’s ownership, just as we filled up the wiper tank with water, put some wax polish on dashboard and then tried to move it back to the parking place! The car greeted us with its same old and original, dreaded message on the MID for which Triber is famous (or infamous) for. Yes, we are talking about the ‘Check Engine’ warning and orange ‘ECG’ symbol on the instrument cluster (Means you must carefully drive to the nearest service center)!

So we made a desperate call to our SA & SVC. After few attempts somehow we go the SA, even SVC Manager too. We already noticed a gradual tendency of avoidance from sales & accessory team after they sold off the car – because it became increasingly difficult to find them on phone. And this time our belief became only stronger than before. Anyway it was Saturday, and almost 5 pm (an hour before the SVC closes down) and they advised us to bring the car on Monday morning.

Oh! Its only 5 days and a defective engine in a RXZ (top model) AMT, and Renault doesn’t even provide pickup? No, we are not VIPs, but how can we drive that car to some 8 Km? What if it stalls?

What could be the reason for this failure – we asked, the Service manager replied ‘Have to see’, ‘Could be N no. of reasons’ replied another person.

Now, why Renault brought up Kiger if they could not resolve Triber issues? Why give birth to new babies when you can not take care of your earlier child?

We are a middle-class family, and a service holder. So we had to decide how to spend our hard-earned money on a vehicle. So we studied the current vehicle scenario for complete 5 months. We had a big argument among ourselves whether to trust Triber with chronic issues. But I simply gambled for its modular design & price, because I believed Renault were not run by some lazy, arrogant bunch of incapable folks who can not fix an infamous issue for 4 years – especially when they dared to release a ‘Limited Edition’ of Triber!

Now me and my family is arguing whether I am the biggest fool on Earth, because Renault already proved they were smart by selling such a defective design.

Tomorrow will be the like the Judgement Day for us. Who knows what will come out. But our confidence is forever shaken. We will actually demand Renault to take back their defective car & issue a full refund.

Here’s what BHPian AdityaDeane had to say on the matter:

Saddened by your experience of after sales and the car’s fault and going into limp mode. Thankfully I have never experienced this in my 2.5 years of ownership till date, even though my car is from the initial batch of RXZ, but it came by default with the bigger 50Ah battery and wider tyres. I thank my stars that I didn’t get a lemon, or else I would have been royally stuck, as my nearest Service Centre was 8 hours drive away in Solan or Chandigarh Tricity region back then in 2019. Thankfully during Covid Lockdown, a service centre opened up in Mandi, which is about 3 hours drive away, so that’s a relief!

Really shocking to hear about the attitude of the Renault Service Centre guys in your region. Even I am no celebrity, and am never treated like that, but the Service Advisors in Dehradun are really prompt in receiving the phone calls and helping solve my problems, maybe because they know I drive 500Kms to visit them for any problems, and I can not waste my time in travelling and waiting and for any other petty things, unlike localites who get their cars serviced there.

I do pray and hope that this is some temporary issue, and you haven’t been sold a lemon. Did you do the PDI properly? Do keep us updated on what was the cause and solution of the problem you faced. I am sure that once this problem is over, you and your family members will really enjoy the amazingly versatile vehicle that a Triber is, and their minds will change for good about your purchasing decision!

Here’s what BHPian Leoshashi had to say on the matter:

So sorry to read this, can feel your pain. But if it’s any consolation, this can happen to the best of brands. Only yesterday I was discussing about a 300km old Fortuner AT where gearbox actuator solenoid had failed. Won’t elaborate on this incident as it may soon come on the forum if owner wishes. But what makes or breaks the brand is how they react to incidents like these. Hope Renault solves it to your satisfaction.

Coming back to your Triber, the CEL may happen due to something as minor as a loose connector. Request you to involve regional Renault representatives ASAP and be patient but firm with them. With Renault representatives involved, workshop guys will be as logical as they should be.

And in case there is something too negative and they don’t listen to you, don’t forget that you aren’t alone. We are a family and we all have your back. Don’t worry.

Hope this incident comes to an end soon.



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