Cars, bus involved in highway crash near roadworks – cones not placed correctly, too close to obstruction? –

Another crash involving several vehicles on a highway has been captured on dashcam footage, following last week’s incident on KM280.1 of the PLUS highway which resulted in loss of life.

Here, the video recently published on the Dashcam Owners Malaysia Facebook page was of an incident which allegedly also took place on a stretch of highway near Bandar Ainsdale, however the exact time and location of the multiple-vehicle crash is difficult to ascertain as the timestamp on the video is incorrect, according to the Facebook account which shared the video.

The camera vehicle is shown to be travelling in the right-hand-side lane, and around eight seconds into the 30-second clip, the vehicle ahead of it can be seen to apply its brakes and rapidly move from the right-hand-side lane into the middle lane in a bid to avoid the traffic cones that had been placed.

It appears unclear which was the first vehicle to make contact with another as the camera vehicle seems to have been jolted by running over debris on the highway. Though, the vehicle in the middle lane appears not to have been able to slow down in time and collided into the first car, rotating it into the side of the bus in the left lane and collecting the car in front of it as well.

Conditions were less than ideal, certainly, with rain present and visibility naturally more limited at night than it would be in the daytime. Remember to drive to the conditions, and in poor visibility, increase your following distance to the vehicle ahead. As for the road cones, do you think those were placed far enough in advance?

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