Car care during the lockdown

With the 21-day lockdown announced to fight the Coronavirus, most of our rides will be sitting idle during this period. Here are some car care tips for you.

1. Tank up: Maintain a full tank so that the amount of air above the fuel is as less as possible leading to lower condensation. Check the smell of fuel before starting the car. If the smell is of rotten eggs, don’t start the vehicle.

2. Keep tyre pressure slightly higher: Maintain tyre pressure higher by 0.5 bar (~7.25 PSI) than usual. It will minimise the risk of the tyres deforming.

3. Avoid engaging the parking brake: Keep the parked car in-gear but don’t engage the parking brake as it could seize.

4. Keep car clean: Keep the car in a clean state as bird droppings could damage the paint (if parked in open).

5. Disconnect battery: If your car is expected to be parked for a long time, disconnecting the battery will ensure that the battery charge doesn’t deplete. Most batteries in decent shape should hold their charge for months when disconnected.

6. Don’t idle the car: Avoid idling the car for few minutes and shutting it down as the engine won’t reach the operating temperature and cause additional wear on the pistons / linings.

7. Periodic maintenance: Ignore the scheduled maintenance for the time being. It should not cause any issues and most manufactures have extended warranties and service periods due to this situation.

8. Wiper blades: Remove them / keep the arms standing upright. The rubber tends to harden if not used.  

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