Cancelled my XUV300 booking but dealer not refunding booking amount

I was pushing for an earlier delivery because I do not have a second vehicle and my car was sold off.

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Hello all.

I recently – on 4th August purchased my new car – Toyota Hyryder S AT Neodrive after selling my Honda BR-V.

On 30th July, I had booked Mahindra XUV300 W8 Optional at Rajkot. I paid a booking amount of 25,000/-. 30th July being a Sunday, the sales guy did not give me a receipt but I have the transaction details since it was done through UPI to their official bank account. I was pushing for an earlier delivery because I do not have a second vehicle and my car was sold off. I booked the car only on a promise to get the delivery on Tuesday. The sales guy said they will get the car from their Ahmedabad dealership the next day.

As my mother learned that that the car had a sun roof, she denied my selection, even though I told her I had paid the booking amount. In these things you never go against the will of your parents (as per my middle class mindset). I booked the Toyota Hyryder next day (was getting delivery on Wednesday). I called up the sales guy at Mahindra informing him about the matter and told him I am cancelling my booking. I asked when I will get the refund. He said and requested he will process it after the month end as it would be month end to which I agreed in good faith.

After a week I asked him about the cancellation and he said he still had not processed it but he will do it in 2 3 days and I will get the amount in 7 to 10 days.

Again after a week I reminded him and he said he had processed it and I should get it in a week.

Again I called up after a week. Now, he tells me since he had got it invoiced and the car was not sold yet he is finding it difficult to process the refund. I can’t believe Mahindra XUV TOP model can’t be sold in a month. So I insisted to process the refund immediately. Then he said I will have to bring in my loan guy because he had made the deal on his insistence which is a total lie. Because the deal was made by me with him in presence of my loan guy and I paid the money directly to the bank account through UPI to their account.

Please guide what is the next step? Will I get my refund? How much time do they take to process the refund?

Here’s what BHPian anjan_c2007 had to say on the matter:

From whatever I could understand its the Mahindra dealer who is procrastinating the refund process at his own end. Hence the title “Mahindra dealer Gallops Mahindra, Rajkot, not refunding booking amount”, will be more focused rather than tagging the carmaker for such delay in your thread title.

It is presumed that you have a receipt of the booking amount and some document with you seeking booking cancellation. This request for booking cancellation needs to have been received and acknowledged by the dealer (date mentioned by them). With these two documents attached, you can tweet (X) Mr Anand Mahindra seeking redressal. He surely doesn’t read every tweet, but his office takes cognizance of all important tweets. They promptly reply back. I have done this for some low value spares recently for my Scorpio and had got these spares within the next two weeks through the local dealer.

Here’s what BHPian BleueNinja had to say on the matter:

Good faith should be kept at bay when dealing in monetary transactions

You might have provided a mobile number during booking your car and you might have recieved a message on that number confirming that you have booked a car?

You can use that mobile number to login on Mahindra’s website to check your Booking status. You should be able to see your booking Id.

If you don’t see a booking Id anywhere then ask the salesman against what booking id did he invoice the car? He should have a booking id against which a car would have been invoiced.

Moreover, If you have cancelled the booking then it’s really not your concern how he will sell the car or if he will be able to find a customer or not.

Here’s what BHPian pradipk had to say on the matter:

First and foremost, you should have some booking acknowledgement upon the payment. Being Sunday, computer generated receipt might not be given (shouldn’t be the case but okay).
Typically they take a month for refund. Need to follow up and escalate to higher ups of dealership and post that if needed to Mahinda officials.

I had 3 such experiences with Royal Enfield, Tata and Maruti Suzuki. You should get it with bit of follow ups. Best wishes.

BHPian Proud BRV Owner replied:

Here is the update. I approached the customer care on their toll free number and discussed the matter + put up a tweet tagging Mahindra Customer Care and Anand Mahindraji. The customer care guy on the phone gave me number of Gallops Rajkot manager and instructed me to give him a call which I did. The manager – yesterday being a holiday – told me he would call next day (today).

The customer care twitter account asked for my registered mobile number. I provided that. They replied after some time saying the matter was raised to the Gallops management and the senior management team would get in touch with me.

I got a call from the sales person with whom I had made the deal asking for a photograph of a cheque and PAN card. I have sent both. The sales guy has told me that they have initiated the process and I will get the refund within 2 3 days.

Fingers crossed.

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