Buying a luxury car: Are dealers open to giving extended test drives

My dad is planning to buy something from the German manufacturers but want to be really sure before he invests his hard earned money.

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Is it possible to get the test drive car for a week or two? My dad is planning to buy something from the German manufacturers but want to be really sure before he invests his hard earned money. He wants to take it to the office and back home over the course of a week to experience the car.

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If the dealers are convinced that you are serious, weekend or multi-day test drives are very common in Bombay. I have seen many Audis, BMWs & Mercedes offered for a night or two in Bombay. Even high end ones like the 7-Series.

However, A week is too much. As customers, we have to be fair. 2 days is more than enough for the entire family to experience the car under varying driving conditions, and also a quick highway run (e.g. Mumbai – Lonavla).

If you need more convincing, then rent a self-drive car from the many agencies. The big names have a few luxury cars (will be expensive though).

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 No, unless the dealer is known and even then not beyond a day or so, perhaps on a low-selling model. Overseas, it’s possible to get a car on Saturday late noon and return back on Monday morning. But here most dealerships will keep the showrooms open on Sundays too. He can consider taking extended drives multiple times.

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That is not really fair, is it? I feel guilty just taking up 30 mins on a relatively long-ish test drive around my neighbourhood, especially when I’m looking at multiple cars and I’m not sure if I would buy this one or the other. Imagine if people all start requesting test drives for a week whenever they have a wedding or family function or trip to go on and then returning the car after all that.

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Audi offered their A6 for a weekend when we were evaluating. This was in Bengaluru. So there’s a process to it and should be possible

Week is too long and the liability for the dealer becomes too high.

Only car firm I know that did it was Tesla in its initial days. 7 days no questions asked return policy (not a true demo, but closest to it). They stopped it a while ago – as far as I know. US example- mods Pl edit if relevance is low.

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When my brother in law was evaluating his next big purchase (he had an X5 and was considering options), Porsche sent him the Cayenne for a week or so. He loved it and bought a Cayenne. He also loved the brand so much that he just picked up the Panamera (Cayenne is still going strong). Dealers will do it if you show them that you are a potentially serious purchaser.

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