Box-fresh Ferrari Enzo and Maserati MC12 for sale

The Euromillions draw isn't until Friday night – at least you'll know what to spend it on…

By Matt Bird / Thursday, 2 November 2023 / Loading comments

Spend enough time in the classifieds and it’s easy to get a bit blasé about cars for sale. There are only so many unrepeatable opportunities, unique prospects and suspiciously well presented ‘barn finds’ to be read about in one day. Especially with prices as they currently are. Just on occasion, though, there’ll be a car – or perhaps two, on a good day – that’ll take your breath away. Today is one of those incredibly good days. 

Romans International has both a Ferrari Enzo and a Maserati MC12 for sale on PH, the two hypercar icons of the early 2000s that shared so much: 6.0-litre V12, F1 transmission, carbon tub and so on. The Enzo was the last purely V12 mid-engined Ferrari hypercar; the Maserati enjoyed incredible GT1 racing success. They’re undoubtedly legends of the genre. But get this: both are delivery mileage, both are from the same UK collection, and both – handily for this feature – have been photographed together. It’d be rude not to draw them to your attention. 

It’s seldom that a V12 Ferrari limited to just 400 units is the more common, probably less valuable exotic of a duo, but such is the hype around the MC12 of late. Following a period where, arguably, its significance wasn’t properly appreciated – just 50 units globally, a racing career including six consecutive FIA GT Teams’ titles – the Maserati is now very hot property indeed. As it always should have been. No doubt Maserati’s return to mid-engined cars and motorsport in recent years will have helped jog certain memories when it came to the last time around. 

It helps, of course, that the MC12 still looks absolutely amazing. Picturing it with the Enzo actually shows that off perfectly; there’s attention grabbing, 21st century V12 hypercar – then there’s the Maserati. A huge 30cm longer than the Ferrari and wider as well (presumably to help with the high speed stability of the racers), the MC12 really looks like nothing else. And, frankly, a little bit scary as well, with huge overhangs, burly dimensions and what must be pretty limited visibility. Just as some will say a supercar ought to be. 

This Bianco Fuji MC12 was a European supplied example, one of the 25 built in 2005, and imported to the UK in 2015 where it has resided since. Despite the minuscule mileage (207), it has recently been serviced and recommissioned by Maserati, so should the next owner wish to experience everything that mighty V12 has to offer – with the roof off too, if desired – then it ought to be good as new. The temptation might be too much to bear. 

The Enzo has enjoyed (or should that be endured?) even less use, covering just 142 miles since 2004. The upshot of that is truly spectacular condition; typically an advert that declares a car ‘one of the finest examples for sale anywhere in the world’ should be taken with a pinch of salt, but this really is exceptional. Another EU-supplied example but registered in the UK since 2014, the Ferrari is notable both for its Classiche certification and rarely seen Cuoio leather. Which, it should be said, looks great, a nice alternative to the black usually seen. It might also be added that the Enzo is ageing better than many might have expected back in the early 2000s, though we’ll leave any further discussion of that to the comments…

Tom Jaconelli, Director at Romans International, said: “The sale of these cars is not merely a transaction but the next evolution of their journey as historically important collectable cars. Whether for the discerning enthusiast or the visionary investor, the Maserati MC12 and Ferrari Enzo are not merely cars, but artistry and history on wheels, each bearing the legacy and the pinnacle of contemporary technology of two of the most emotive automotive brands in the world.”

Good time to bring up price, then. Though listed separately, the assumption is that the MC12 and Enzo will be purchased together and assume prominent positions in another noteworthy collection. Couldn’t separate them after all this time together, could you? As a pair, they’re expected to make about £10m; bear in mind the other Enzos for sale on PH, albeit with higher mileage, are commanding around £3m and it’s easier to understand just how desirable MC12s now are. It feels mighty courageous to spend that money as investment – how much more valuable can they get? – but then there were days of Ferrari F50s and Porsche Carrera GTs at a quarter of a million, with McLaren F1s less than seven figures as well. So you never know…

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