Bike rider standing on the road in Jalan Temiang-Pantai reacts violently to a motorist honking at him –

It’s bad enough when you choose to park your ride on the emergency lane without an emergency actually taking place, but when you choose to stand on the road and then get upset when a passing motorist honks at you to warn you off the direct path of traffic, to the point of showing your displeasure with an arm swinging gesture, that’s taking it to another level.

This is precisely what happened earlier today on Jalan Temiang-Pantai in Negeri Sembilan, which of course remains very much a photo op stretch of road, with no shortage of people continuing to park their vehicles on the emergency lane for those do-it-for-the-gram moments.

This particular scenario, caught on dashcam footage, unfolds when a motorist travelling along the federal route approaches the spot where a group of motorcycles are parked on the emergency lane. All the riders, save one, are well off the tarmac. Motorist proceeds to honk to warn the rider, who is standing not on the emergency lane but on the road, and the guy gets upset with being honked at – the clip shows him taking a swing with his right arm, which is carrying something.

Look, you’re already not supposed to be parked on the emergency lane, which isn’t allowed unless your vehicle has broken down, but to stand on the road and get upset in such a manner when beeped at? You need to learn how to control those emotions, and be more civic conscious while at that.

The cops have already said that the activity is illegal, and earlier this year issued 48 summonses to motorists for parking on the emergency lane for gatherings and picture taking. Authorities have said that there’s no restrictions on activities as long as it doesn’t obstruct traffic and pose a danger to anyone.

“There’s no problem in taking pictures, but don’t park your car on the emergency lane and disrupt traffic and bring danger to others,” Negeri Sembilan police chief Datuk Mohamad Mat Yusop said back in February. The thing is, there’s plenty of flat terrain – notably so in the incident today – well off the road where vehicles and bikes can be placed, and for people to stand safely. But it wouldn’t make for great photos, would it now?

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