Bhopal doctor on Covid-19 duty lives in his car

Dr. Sachin Nayak, posted at the JP Hospital in Bhopal has been living in his car since the past few days. According to a media report, the doctor has resorted to this to prevent passing the virus to anyone else in his family.

Dr. Nayak has been working among the coronavirus-infected people in the hospital. After finishing his work at the hospital, he goes to his car, which has been parked near the hospital to spend the night. Inside his car, Dr. Nayak has stocked up his daily use items and books.

According to the report, authorities have made arrangements for doctors and front-line staff to stay at hotels, but there has been a delay in allotment as the premises were not sanitized. It is expected that Dr. Nayak and others would move into these accommodations in a day or two.


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