Best anti-theft options for a soft-top Thar when parked on public roads

Need short-term parking solutions to secure the SUV in public spaces.

GTO recently shared this with other enthusiasts.

The game has moved on since we wrote the last such thread in 2010. Technology has changed the kind of anti-theft measures built into cars from the factory, as well as options available in the after-market.

Thieves have gotten smarter too. My Thar is a soft top and hence, very easy to flick. As we all know, thieves have workarounds for Mahindra’s OEM immobiliser. While our home parking is safe, we go out a lot & the vehicle is frequently parked on public roads or in public lots.

What are the best anti-theft options today for an open Jeep? I am seeing steering locks, gear locks, pedal locks, wheel clamps, GPS trackers, hidden immobilizers and whatnot!

Any expert advice? Thanks. If possible, do also share brand names & store links for easy ordering.

But for long-term parking, I’m all set. It’s in our own building where the gates are kept locked and there is a security guard.

The solutions I’m looking for are short-term parking. Say, parking on the Colaba Causeway, in a Bandra bylane or near the Dadar station. Basically, how to keep the vehicle more secure in public parking.

Here’s what BHPian Kosfactor had to say on the matter:

Since my soft-top Jeep has no lock to speak of, I use a short but heavy steel chain and an equally heavy padlock, without removing this it’s difficult to sit in the driver’s seat let alone move the steering wheel.

A fabric sleeve over it would make the whole thing look neat and welding one end of it to the vehicle floor would make it even more secure.

I use this daily even inside our CCTV-equipped parking lot, I want that vehicle to be around with me for a good while, just to remind me to live young and free (chain is for the vehicle of course).

Here’s what BHPian shankar.balan had to say on the matter:

I have marked all my cars and my Dad’s car too with AirTags – placed somewhere deep inside.

And they work nicely.

Just that once in 2 years one needs to change their batteries.

Here’s what BHPian Maverick1977 had to say on the matter:

With so much hi-tech going on in cars, sometimes the best solution could be a low-tech one. A product that I had first seen on the family’s Premier Padmini was famously called the Chor Switch. It works in a very simple way where once removed the engine just cranks but doesn’t start.

My FIL had installed this in his Tavera and this is exactly what saved the car from getting stolen. The thieves were fully prepared, they removed the lock on the passenger side door and got a duplicate key made. They even managed to open the car without the alarm going off. However, they cranked multiple times but the car wouldn’t start. Panicking they ran away leaving the key in the ignition.

Her of the day was the simple Chor Switch or key. Ironically my FIL had installed two of them in such a place even we used to forget.

Not sure if this solution would work in modern cars, but it definitely does the job it is cut out for. I recall he had got them installed by an electrician somewhere near Bhatia Hospital in Mumbai.

Here’s what BHPian revvharder had to say on the matter:

You can always install a hidden kill switch so that even in case someone breaks in they will have to leave. Here is a video on it.

We have been using Gear locks for more than a decade but fortunately haven’t faced any such instance.

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