Bentley Is Now Offering Premium Tweed Trims for Its Interiors

In true British fashion, the English luxury automaker Bentley is now offering premium tweed trims for its cars’ interiors.

Available from its Mulliner Personal Commissioning Guide across all of the company’s cars, the textile is currently offered in four different tones: Cheltenham, Glen Plaid-Tolstra Beach, Charcoal and Sand Herringbone.

All of the trims are produced ethically and domestically in Scotland, sourced from the famed Lovat Mill in Hawick. Not only are they produced in an environmentally-friendly manner, the manufacturing process involves zero hazardous chemicals. Even the electricity the facility uses is powered from renewable sources, ensuring a top level of sustainability.

To learn more about Bentley’s tweed trim interior options, you can head over to the automaker’s website.

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