Behold the Hennessey ‘Last Stand’ Hemis

The Charger and Challenger Hellcats are being put down, but not before Hennessey sells a few more with 1,000hp

By Matt Bird / Tuesday, 7 November 2023 / Loading comments

It’ll be a genuinely sad day when the last car powered by Dodge’s 6.2-litre supercharged V8 is made. Ever since the introduction of the Challenger Hellcat in 2014, it’s proved there’s still an awful lot to be said for a honking great V8 when it comes to sheer entertainment. But time waits for no man (or engine), and soon it will be gone from production cars (albeit still available as a crate motor). To mark the occasion, Hennessey has created what it’s calling its ‘Last Stand’ H1000 models; a Charger and Challenger each with a thousand horsepower. Or just 25 less than the SRT Demon 170. It seems a fitting way for this hellraising engine to depart. 

Modifications to the Hemi include larger supercharger with pulley upgrade, a higher flow induction system, upgraded injectors, new headers and high flow cats. That four-figure horsepower output is accompanied by a monstrous 948lb ft, all achieved on ‘pump-unleaded gasoline’, which sounds like the low octane rubbish sold Stateside. A tank of V-Power should see those numbers even higher, right? Apparently, a Last Stand is capable of a sub-three-second dash to 62mph, and a 9.9 second quarter mile at 141mph. Dominic Toretto will be pleased. 

Spotters will be able to identify one of Hennessey’s limited edition, 1,000hp beasts but some additional carbon bits – splitters, spoilers, skirts, diffuser – new 20-inch wheels, ‘Last Stand’ graphics and a numbered plaque. As has been the case with every Hellcat since day dot, this Charger-Challenger pairing looks spot on: brooding and muscular while just about avoiding caricature or silliness. That’s a 1,000hp, warrantied, V8 four-door you’re looking at there in the Charger. Which it’s hard not to be enthusiastic about, if a little glum given there won’t be any more. 

John Hennessey said: “The Challenger and Charger are two of our most popular models, with monstrous horsepower in a comfortable and capable chassis. While it’s sad to see the 6.2-liter Hemi go, I’m pleased to commemorate its near-decade run with our unique ‘Last Stand’ models that pair the 1,000-horsepower output with the sleek look of carbon fibre and other exterior performance upfits.”  There will be 50 of each bodystyle made at Hennessey’s Texas base, with production already underway (but no price as yet). And don’t worry if you’re desperate to do the decent thing and bid a final farewell with a Last Stand – they’re available for global shipping…

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