Axia stops on the road to buy mangga jeruk in Bangi, causes hit and run accident with X-Trail, motorcycle –

Have you noticed recently that we have more and more mangga jeruk asam boi sellers stationed at traffic lights here in the Klang Valley? Well, it appears these street peddlers are now operating on our roads in general, not just at traffic stops. The dash cam footage below shows an unfortunate accident involving one.

Said to have happened in Bangi, the clip shows a Perodua Axia driver stopping in the middle of flowing traffic to buy the said snack. As the cars ahead were already moving, the stationary Axia caused an unnecessary block on the road. To avoid the Perodua, a Nissan X-Trail then attempted a lane change, but right into the path of a helpless motorcycle.

The X-Trail driver then simply drove away, leaving the downed motorcyclist by himself. Thankfully, the rider appears to be okay enough after the accident, assisted by the street peddler and another biker that stopped to help. It’s certainly an unlucky chain of events, started by the Axia driver inconsiderately stopping in flowing traffic.

Who to blame, then? Well, the Perodua certainly shouldn’t have stopped, the seller could have picked a more appropriate spot to peddle his wares, and the Nissan driver for sure should have checked his/her mirrors before switching lanes (and not leave the scene of an accident like that). Even the unfortunate biker could have gone a touch slower while lane splitting in slow moving traffic.

Also, did you know that street peddling in Malaysia is illegal, and so is buying from them? Local road traffic rules mandate that it is illegal to buy or sell goods at traffic lights and intersections in Malaysia. Those caught (both seller and buyer!) may be fined up to RM2,000 for the offence.

Surely that’s not a risk worth taking to get some mangga jeruk on the way home, and even more so when you can end up causing an entirely avoidable accident like this. Dear Malaysians, please be more responsible on the road as well as more considerate to each other. We are better than this, don’t you agree?

Sbb jual mangga tengah jalan kereta berhenti mengejut . Kalau jumpa Nissan xtrail kemek tepi bagitau. No plat tak nampak sangat area traffic lights bangi.

— r?miiiiiiiiiiiii (@wnremi) September 9, 2022

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