Automatic Fast & Furious Toyota Supra Sells For $550k At Auction

Image via the Barrett-Jackson Auction Company

The first sale of a significant car from The Fast and the Furious in years involved a suitably large figure. A Toyota Supra, one of only two driven by Paul Walker during production, went under the hammer via Barrett-Jackson in Las Vegas for an eye-watering $550,000. That’s just shy of £400,000 at current exchange rates.

There was a big question mark over how much it might sell for. One of the nine Supras used for the film went for $185,000, but that was six years ago, and it hadn’t been driven by Walker. As it happens, Fast & Furious’ technical advisor Craig Lieberman sagely predicted the Barrett-Jackson car would go for at least $550k.

He explained in a YouTube video that this was designated as ‘Stunt 1’ during filming. It was described as the “second-best” of the nine cars, bettered only by ‘Hero 1’ which was used for all the close-ups. The latter example was originally Lieberman’s own, currently owned by a Dutch collector who apparently has no plans of selling up. Whether or not the $550k result of this auction will tempt him, we can only speculate.

Stunt 1 went on to be heavily altered for the filming of 2 Fast 2 Furious as Slap Jack’s ‘Hero 2’ car, and after a spell in storage, it was used in 2006’s ‘Grandma’s Boy’. Few seem to know what the car was up to after that, but at some point, it was brought back to its original F&F spec with a reasonable degree of accuracy.

Image via the Barrett-Jackson Auction Company

It’s twin-turbo A80 Supra with an automatic gearbox, effectively making it the opposite of the stunt car sold in 2015, which was a naturally-aspirated manual. Eddie Paul at The Shark Shop in El Segundo was responsible for both the original F&F build and the 2 Fast 2 Furious remodel.

Now, the Candy Orange pearlescent paintwork (borrowed from the Lamborghini Diablo palette) is present and correct, along with the Troy Lee ‘Nuclear Gladiator’ artwork, 19-inch Dazz Motorsport wheels, TRD bonnet and the massive APR rear wing.

Image via the Barrett-Jackson Auction Company

It was sold with plenty of paperwork documenting its time as a film star plus a certificate of authenticity. As far as we can work out, it’s the most expensive F&F film car ever, which is unlikely to change any time soon unless Hero 1 graces the auction block.

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