Alpina 2002 tii gets restomodded, goes on sale

Another week, another actually really quite nice Manhart Classic restoration. Keep 'em coming…

By Matt Bird / Thursday, 14 September 2023 / Loading comments

As the end of Alpina as we know it looms, so the classics are going to become even more appealing. Particularly the early BMW ’02s, the first cars Burkhard Bovensiepen turned his attention to back in the 1960s and made touring car heroes of. Seemingly mindful of this, it’s the pretty little saloon that Manhart Classic has turned its attention to next. Like the Delta Integrale and E30 M3 it’s previously shown, the 2002 is very much in the restomod mould, though the overhaul is a little less extreme this time around.

Back in the day, Alpina really ramped up performance for the baby BMW, taking the 2002 (and then the tii) from 100hp all the way to 160hp with new carbs, a racier cam, bigger valves and so on. Manhart says that this one is churning out 200hp and 158lb ft, which ought to be plenty in a tonne of BMW, though it’s not clear whether that sort of power is the work of Alpina or Manhart. There’s a K&N airbox and Manhart exhaust to get the sound spot on, plus the engine is said to have been ‘completely overhauled and refurbished’, although this feels like a less involved engine upgrade than was the case for the Lancia.

Manhart has been busy elsewhere too, with bigger brakes from an E21 3 Series, KW coilovers and increased body stiffness thanks to the fitment of strut braces and what looks like a half cage in the rear. The classic Alpina multispokes fill out the flared arches – affectionately known as ‘pig’s cheeks’, which was a new one on us – thanks to 25mm spacers. The result is pretty much perfect; a lower and broader 2002 is more confident and assertive where the dainty original could never be. Green helps too, of course.

All very lovely, and surely a real treat to drive as well. Moreover, fresh from its optimisation, the Manhart Classic Alpina 2002 is now for sale, priced at €150k. Which is more even than a 2002 Turbo might now cost. On the other hand, there aren’t many 50-year-old BMWs left all, let alone ones this good. You wouldn’t bank on it staying there for long…

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