Abt announces 760hp RS6 Legacy Edition

Audi did little to celebrate 20 years of the RS6 – Abt to the rescue…

By Matt Bird / Thursday, 4 May 2023 / Loading comments

Nothing is quite certain in the world of fast cars at the moment, so it’s quite reassuring to see an Abt overhaul that’s exactly how you might expect. It hasn’t branched out into different manufacturers, or tried out a fresh approach, or reined itself in one bit. This Abt creation was a fast, luxurious Audi; now it’s an even faster, even more luxurious Audi, with very few to be made for what will likely be an awful lot of money. Just like it always has been, which is nice.

The Abt Audi RS6 Legacy Edition has come about, it seems, because things won’t be how they’ve always been for very much longer. Abt describes it as the ‘crowning glory of two decades of RS6 history’, with a graphic on the engine reminding everyone that this Audi is very much powered by a V8 and this car celebrates that legacy. Because it seems very, very unlikely that any future Audi RS is going to get eight-cylinder power – the imminent RS6 and RS7 Performance feel like the end of the road. An end of an era, no less.

Abt has built the LE from a Performance, claiming an uplift of 130hp from 630hp to a mighty 760hp; it’s been achieved thanks to Abt’s own turbo, intercooler and ECU work, with the ability to hurl two tonnes of RS6 to 62mph in just 3.1 seconds. Torque climbs to a frankly insane 723lb ft, from 590, for maximum ‘bahnstorming potential. Though not quoted, it would have to be assumed that 200mph is on the cards. Abt’s stainless steel silencer, with four chunky 102mm pipes, should provide a suitably rousing soundtrack.

The Legacy Edition also benefits from Abt coilovers and its own anti-roll bars which ‘ensure that the performance is perfectly transferred to the road’. Helps it look mean as hell on 22-inch forged wheels and slightly-wider-than-standard Goodyear Eagle F1s, too. Abt says nothing about the ride, so neither will we. This one has the ceramic brakes that are probably a sensible upgrade with so much power; they’re not standard on an RS6 Performance, however, only coming as part of the RS Dynamics Package Plus.

Everything else that marks out the Legacy is cosmetic, including the carbon bonnet insert that Abt is especially proud of. Not only does it help get heat out of that monster engine, it’s also passed what are likely very strict head impact tests for type approval in Germany. Bravo Abt. Additional carbon bits (told you it was just like the old days) include the mirrors, side skirts, rear diffuser and rear wing. Arguably the LE still hasn’t made the C8 a truly handsome RS6, but there’s undoubtedly impact.

The interior gets more Alcantara than standard, as well as plentiful badges and embroidery to remind you what Abt you have and how many others there are. If you didn’t like the RS6 interior before, you won’t now. But then Abt has never really been about that bit of modifying. Maybe it will be in the brave new world that’s coming. For now, just 200 RS6 Legacy Editions will be made, surely all to be snapped up pretty quick by those desperate to get hold of Abt’s final farewell to an Audi icon. The best part of 800hp seems like a fitting tribute.

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