A woman’s perspective of owning & daily driving a Mahindra Thar

The sheer road presence, helps it get its way a lot easier.

BHPian Lambydude recently asked a query:

Does this thread have any posts from the point of view of a lady driver? We are considering Thar automatic as a daily driver for my wife. Would like to hear more about how easy/difficult it is to drive in B2B traffic in Bangalore. She currently drives a grand i10 auto.

Here’s BHPian abhikb’s response:

We have an enthusiast lady driver in our group, following are her observations of owning a Diesel AT:



Hope the above helps.

Here’s BHPian cool_dube’s response:

My wife drives our LX Petrol AT CT more than I do, on an almost daily basis, albeit in moderate traffic. She is super comfortable with it, no issues at all. Infact, the high seating position offers a superb view of the road, adding to the ease of driving, not to mention the respect it commands from other vehicles. Please have ma’am take a test drive in city traffic – I am sure she will take an instant liking to it.

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