A tale of Thailand, a rugged motorcycle & a festival

Even ten more visits to these two beautiful islands will not be enough to do them justice.

BHPian Himalayan_Ice recently shared this with other enthusiasts.

I started travelling abroad pretty late in life.

However, I was sure that I whenever I did, the first stamp on my passport wouldn’t be Thailand.

It wasn’t.

But when I did travel to the country, I realised what a complete idiot I had been. I went to Thailand (Koh Tao) to get my scuba certification, and honestly it was such a fantastic experience that I was back within six months, with my SO in tow.

However this time, I wouldn’t be scuba diving. We’d gone for the sights and for this amazing festival called Songkran. Walking to my boarding gate at IGIA I was wondering if it’d be a good idea to have a prop for posts on Insta stories.

That is where I found “Rugged”. And these are snapshots of where all it went.

Heading to board at the IGIA

Heading to immigration & baggage at Suvarnabhumi.

Just outside the arrivals gate at Koh Samui airport. Samui airport is gorgeously quaint. Chock green & encompassing nature, the place is an architectural delight. It ensures you KNOW that this destination is a tropical paradise.

At the Hyatt Samui. Really luxurious hotel. Wish it had more personality though. But that’s the cost you pay for being a chain property.

Cue “Good Vibrations (The Beach Boys)”

Exhausted. Taking in balcony views.

I don’t get the idea behind vacation-feet-pics. Did I do it right? Hope Quentin isn’t out here.

This is Tarnim Magic Garden in Koh Samui. It’s a bit of a drive (considering the blazing sun and you being on a scooter), but a pretty interesting vibe. A lot of statues on a mountainside with a brook running through, and nature allowed to thrive minus any manicures. Definitely worth a visit.

No ifs. Only Bhats.

Views for days.

Amazon Café was an amazing alternative to Starbucks. Not sure if it’s a Thai chain, but it was there both in Samui (multiple locations) and Tao. LOVED the frappes here, which tasted so much better than the ones at Starbucks. Would recommend 11/10.

But in the evenings, it was time for some fermented barley juice.

This open air bar outside Central Samui is a great place to be in case your SO wants to shop for a bit. Get the fresh coconut ice cream from the vendor nearby, get a stubbie, listen to some live music and then head for dinner.

Love doing portraits. A drag queen in Chaweng.

Henry Africa’s Bar is quite well known in Samui. Just off the main road in Chaweng. Visit if you’re with your mates.

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