9 points about Maruti Jimny from someone who’s not into off-roading

I am not into the whole butch-SUV thing & simply buying this just as a fun car to have.

BHPian quickdraw recently shared this with other enthusiasts.

Was lucky enough to check out the Jimny recently and thought I’ll add a few observations. (For context: I don’t intend to use Jimny as a primary or am a hardcore off-roader).

Here is what I think

Overall I’m very excited, as someone who is not into off-roading and simply buying this as a fun car to have. It ticks all the boxes for me. I love the way it looks. I don’t intend to mod the car much apart from helping it become more liveable (suspension, cladding etc.). In fact, I’m excited to take it to off-roading school and try to learn. The size makes it perfect for novice off-roaders like me who want to get into this hobby.

I also had so much fun talking to random people there to just try and understand what people are feeling. There were youtubers to off-road enthusiasts in wheelchairs who intend to mod the Jimny to the max. I feel this car attracts the happy kind of people.

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