5-door Jimny: 5’10

I felt noticeably cramped inside the car. In comparison, the Maruti Fronx felt way too spacious to me.

BHPian //R recently shared this with other enthusiasts.

I happened to visit the NEXA showroom nearby following a call from their SA. I’d planned to buy an Ignis from this dealer recently but got a better deal and delivery commitment from another which was a letdown for this chap. It seems he is now adamant about winning his customer back!

Last month I’d gotten a call to visit and have a look at the Fronx on the showroom floor and today it was the Jimny. More about the former in another thread, the latter is absolutely a looker. The neon colour ( I refuse to call it Kinetic Yellow) looks much better in flesh compared to the photos.

The car seems to be built well, I suspect the paint quality on Jimny is a tad better than the Balenos, Brezzas, Vitaras and even the Fronx that I last experienced here. There seemed to be a lesser orange peel effect, at least in this shade, and I could perceive some more depth to the paint. Again, all of this could be because of this hue and lighting and I’d love to hear if anyone else noticed this.

My two points of reference are S-Cross and Ignis. The cabin size does mimic the Ignis while the price probably would mimic the S-Cross.

Setting up the driver’s seat to my liking (I am 5’10 and wide), I felt noticeably cramped. I can imagine the driver and the passenger rubbing elbows constantly. An armrest will sorely be missed especially in the AT versions. The Fronx, in comparison, felt way too spacious to me and I daresay it didn’t really feel like a downgrade, space-wise, from the S-Cross.

The dash layout is functional and looks rugged which I liked, the quality of the plastics could really be better. The door pads were already scratching up with the car being on display and it seems the interior plastic is prone to deep scratches which is a huge bummer. I found the seat cushioning to be too soft and spongy and the fabric upholstery was just plain bad, hope the final batches won’t have these.

Members talking about there being a 4×2 variant of the Jimny might be in for a disappointment. IIRC, I heard someone from the staff mentioning that the pricing is, reportedly, set to be in the 10.50 – 13.75L (OTR Delhi) range. This brings it at an about 2L price premium over the Fronx which is rumoured to start at 8.50L (OTR Delhi) and pricing for the turbo Fronx would be about 50k less than the Jimny AWD which somewhat makes sense in terms of price buffer between the two products.

The Fronx’s wider, more comfortable, better laid out and better built, expansive cabin (in comparison to Jimny’s)

People looking for a primary or a family car will find it difficult to live with the Jimny; the suspension is so soft and tall that the car wobbled even with people shifting their seating posture at standstill!

Why want a 4×2 Jimmy when you have the Grand Vitara and the Thar in 4×2 avatars? A 4×2 Jimny (if it were to exist) would not change the car’s ergonomics, suspension or ride quality.

While it’s supposedly built better than the Fronx, it does lose on the value for money and purpose value that one might be looking for. I’m eager to drive it to experience it further and it’d be interesting to see how it sells.

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