4 DIYs on my 2020 Maruti XL6: Throttle body, fuel filter & others

Stuck into my habit of oil changes & wheel rotation at 5k km

BHPian Leoshashi recently shared this with other enthusiasts.

Some DIYs which were not documented due to paucity of time:

Throttle Body and MAP sensor cleaning, 33,812 km:

Removed the throttle body and MAP sensor and cleaned them comprehensively. Replaced the throttle body gasket too. Post installation, it needs to be relearnt, or else MIL comes on and idle RPM will be close to 2000 RPM. The process of relearning is pretty simple:

Fuel Filter, 33,812 km:

During the Jaisalmer trip, had to refuel from a pretty shady-looking fuel station, hence decided to replace the filter. Unlike last time when I had replaced the entire filter with mounting brackets, this time I made my job much simpler by replacing only the element and using the old bracket. JFYI, I have been maintaining a 15-17k replacement interval for the fuel filter.

Condenser coil cleaning, 36,735 km:

I have a habit of spraying the condenser fins during all my car washes, so I wasn’t expecting something horrific from the cleaning. But was surprised with the results. A lot of muck came out and the AC system will surely be breathing better now. Used a dedicated Alkaline coil cleaner Amazon Link which foams pretty well and brings out the muck with its foaming action. I let it stay for 10 min and then flushed everything comprehensively with lots of water. Result:

Foaming action:

The crap came out only from condenser fins, nothing else was touched!

Oil change and Wheel rotation, 36735 km:

As has been the norm since the beginning of the ownership, stuck to the 5k oil change and wheel rotation policy.

Check out BHPian comments for more insights and information.

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