2022 Honda Civic Type R testing at Suzuka

Honda is clearly aiming to go one better with its lap record holder…

By Matt Bird / Monday, December 13, 2021 / Loading comments

The problem with making a brilliant car is then following it up, a quandary faced by dozens of carmakers over the decades. Simply renose what came before, and many will question a need to buy the update; change things too drastically and that torrent of goodwill will soon dry up. The new model has to retain what was good, improve what wasn’t, and not cost much more money – tough ask…

It’s the challenge facing Honda with the next Civic Type R, currently undergoing testing at Suzuka – which surely beats any UK alternative 10 times over – ahead of launch next year. The old FK8, pointedly visible in the background of the official pics, is one of the greatest hot hatches ever; if not frisky and fun in the Fiesta ST style, it was blessed with abundant dynamic quality, the best hot hatch powertrain and genuinely surprising practicality.

Certainly in terms of front-drive models, it dominated the segment in the four years it was on sale – nothing else came close, really. Which means the new version has to retain all that quality, while showing improvement in key areas – hence the Suzuka time, where the old car held a record – and also addressing some grievances. Which will probably centre on how it looks, the infotainment screen and, er… um, the small fuel tank, maybe? There really wasn’t much.

No doubt aware of how eagerly anticipated this car is, Honda has seen fit to release the latest Type R images with more information about Suzuka than the Civic. All we’re told is that this will be “the best-performing Honda Civic Type R ever”, which is doubtless a reference to lap times. As owner of the circuit, Honda has tested at Suzuka since 1962; don’t be surprised if 60 years of the track is marked with a grand celebration alongside this Type R in 2022.

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