2021 Ford Bronco Leaks Yet Again Showing Roof Rack, Different Wheels, and Topless Version

Just a few days after pictures of what look to be the 2021 Ford Bronco leaked online, another set of images have made their way to the internet. These two photos of what is almost certainly the new Bronco come to us from the Bronco6G.com forum, and show some new features not previously seen.

The Bronco pictured here is a four-door variant painted in black. Unlike the previous Broncos we’ve seen, this one seems to have a tamer, road-focused spec, with smaller road-optimized tires (as opposed to all-terrain items). There’s also a nifty roof rack that extends from the windshield frame to the C-pillar. If you look closely at the above photo, you can see a two-door Bronco (also painted black) with its removable roof off sitting on a two-post lift in the background.

Looking at the rear of the truck, it’s clear Ford is aiming directly at the Jeep Wrangler, with a similarly-shaped boxy frame and exterior-mounted spare tire. Judging by the hinges on the top section of the rear, the window will likely have the ability to swing up for easier access to the trunk area.

These continued leaks suggest the Bronco’s launch date is approaching fast. We’ll know everything we need to about this highly anticipated truck sometime very soon.

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