2020 Triumph Tiger 900 India Launch Details Revealed

We recently had the opportunity to ride the Triumph Tiger 900 and were impressed too. The new Tiger 900 is a massive leap from the Tiger 800 in terms of performance, feature and one would say design as well. Triumph Motorcycles India has confirmed that it will be launching the new Tiger 900 GT and the Tiger 900 Rally in the country by April 2020. And we believe that is good news! The Triumph Tiger 800 is one of the best-selling ADVs in the country and no doubt, the new Tiger 900 will have lots of takers too.

(The Tiger 900 feels much more manageable on tough terrain and has better punch down the rev range too)

The new-generation Tiger 900 wears a fresh new look! It was never a beautiful motorcycle to look at but now, it looks leaner and meaner, especially with the slim LED headlamps up front, the narrower face and the shorter beak. These make for a more aggressive and a purposeful stance, along with the new and lighter frame and the new bodywork. Needless to say, the Tiger looks much more menacing now!

(The instrument console is brand new and offers a crisp, clear view as well)

Triumph has done well to offer a bucket-load of features on the new Tiger 900. First and foremost, there is a new TFT screen, which is bigger and offers a range of customisation options. Secondly, you can now connect your phone to the motorcycle via Bluetooth and access incoming calls, messages and even navigate yourself from point A to point B. One can also pair their GoPro action cameras with the motorcycle itself and operate the same from the switch cube on the left. Plus, the bikes get up to 6 riding modes with options to customise the ABS, traction control, suspension and so on. The riding modes are Road, Rain, Sport, Off-Road, Off-Road Pro and Rider.

(The Tiger 900 gets a new 888 cc triple-cylinder engine which makes 94 bhp and 87 Nm. It is 2.5 kg lighter as well)

It gets a slight bump in displacement (from 799 cc to 888 cc). Plus, there is a new T-plane triple crankshaft which along with new and lightweight components that reduce the weight of the engine by 2.5 kg. It remains a triple but now the firing order of the cylinders has changed from 1-2-3 to 1-3-2. In essence, the new engine now offers up to 10 per cent more torque which is 87 Nm at 7,250 rpm (up from 79 Nm at 8,050 rpm). The mid-range itself gets a 12 per cent boost. The peak power output stays the same which is 93.9 bhp at 8,750 rpm.

Triumph says it has over 65 accessories for the new Tiger, so you have that option to give your bike a personal touch. It is a definite step up over the old Tiger 800 and makes sense even for current Tiger 800 owners, who would like to upgrade to the new one!

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