1200 km up on my Hero XPulse 200 4V: Here’s what I like & what I don’t

It makes every speed bump and pot hole a source of joy – stand-up and whizz past!

BHPian Aragorn recently shared this with other enthusiasts.

Hello good folks of Team-BHP,

Got my XPulse 200 4V a few months ago. Wasn’t able to ride much to due to monsoon and other work related travel. With monsoon slowly reducing, started clocking some mileage and the machine crossed 1200 kms recently. Will open up a detailed initial ownership thread soon – but some starter thoughts and pictures for all.

What I love:

  • Makes you feel like a king – sitting eye to eye with SUVs and crossovers on the road!
  • The smiles on people’s faces (especially young ones) at traffic junctions
  • Travel at 60 kmph but feel like a million bucks due to the nature of the machine
  • Makes every speed bump and pot hole a source of joy – stand-up and whizz past!
  • Cheap to buy (not so cheap to run – but more on that later)
  • Brilliant chassis set-up which lets you enjoy the twisties and off-road equally

What I like:

  • Likeable engine with good low-end and mid-range grunt – nicer exhaust please!
  • Good aftermarket support for parts and modifications – plenty of potential for modification
  • Can keep-up on 2-lane highways at 85-90 kmph with a 10 kmph reserve for overtakes

What I dislike:

  • Jerky low speed engine behaviour as fuelling is cut out immediately on throttle release
  • Hero offering very little accessory support – RE makes a killing in this area!
  • Strictly for 1 rider + light luggage touring in stock condition (more on this later)

Please feel free to leave questions which you may have about the motorcycle. Will address them as I compose the ownership thread.

Have made some basic mechanical modifications and visual changes – but like I said – this is a machine which has lot of modification potential. It will evolve with ownership.

Check out BHPian comments for more insights and information.

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