10 Best Products for Getting That Smoke Smell Out of Your Car

Whether you are a smoker or a previous owner was, you want that smell out of your car. In addition to a hearty clean with a vacuum and some soap and water, for as low as $5, these products will help eliminate any lasting odors. You should definitely use some of them before you sell, but do it for yourself, too. Every time you get into your fresh-smelling ride, you’ll thank yourself.

Get a Pro Detail at Home with These 12 Products

This air purifier by Enoch plugs into your lighter or 12-volt socket and removes smoke, pet, and food odors. It emits a light scent of ozone and features dual chargers for your phone and other devices.

This eight pack of bags from Nature Fresh features charcoal and bamboo to get rid of smoke and pet smells. It eliminates foul odors in less than 24 hours. The bags are made from linen.

Armor All’s Smoke X product destroys smoke and other odors with a “midnight air” scent. It’s a fogger, so you just put it inside, set it off, and it will get into all your air vents and seat fabrics.

This product from Purggo uses no chemicals or fragrances, just bamboo charcoal that naturally absorbs odors. It lasts a full year and is made sustainably.

This two-pack of Ozium gel has a consistent fragrance release, and the gel won’t melt in high temperatures. This size is ideal for smaller places like the interior of your vehicle.

These bags from Urbanetic are fragrance free and use charcoal to absorb smells. When you are ready to replace, just cut open the bag and pour into the soil. If you expose the bag to sunlight it lasts longer.

Zep counteracts the toughest smoke odors, including tobacco, marijuana, and bonfire. It’s used by pros and leaves a fresh scent behind.

Fresh Wave gel comes in several sizes and works in kitchens, bathrooms, and vehicles. Ingredients include pine needle, lime, clove, anise, and cedarwood. It’s also nontoxic.

Cannabolish spray eliminates smoke smell immediately and uses natural ingredients like water and plant oils. It has no harsh chemicals or perfumes and is manufactured in the USA.

NosGuard eliminates smoke and pet smells using chlorine dioxide pouches and treats up to 1,000 cubic feet, plenty for your sedan or SUV. It has no scents or perfumes.

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