Audi Luxury Minivan Rendering Envisions SUV Alternative

With a population of over 1.4 billion, China is a huge market for automakers. Even though crossovers and SUVs are all the rage there as it’s the case all over the world, there is still strong demand for sedans and minivans. To that end, German car companies have stretched their saloons for extra rear legroom while some brands have come […]

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EPA Announces $5-Billion Program To Make US School Buses Electric

The Environmental Protection Agency (EPA) wants to make school buses in America electric or alternative-fuel with a new $5-billion plan. It’s called the Clean School Bus Rebate Program and a large part of the funds will go towards the purchase of pure-electric buses, although grants will be offered for compressed natural gas (CNG) and propane-burning vehicles that are kinder to […]

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Rock Climbing With A Sherp At Moab Looks Fun And Frightening

A machine that doesn’t have a steering wheel and suspension setup? Meet, the Sherp all-terrain vehicle. Despite the lack of ability to turn its front wheels and the presence of springs on any of its wheels, the Sherp can tackle any terrain on its path. In fact, it can float on water because of its buoyant body and uniquely designed […]

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